Java Furniture

Java Furniture Collections the trademark of ethnic, uniqueness of Indonesian Furniture which have many kinds style and designs, along with rich areas and regions all have each outstanding identities and popular in local up to international market. You can see each magnificent collections comes from each town or areas whether in Java and Bali, Jakarta, Solo, Cirebon as well as Jepara the one who popular with its java teak product finishing and unfinished furniture options. An extensive product range available for wholesale and retails and also custom made based on buyer requirements.

Old Vintage up to contemporary Javanese Furniture manufacturers ranging from of various kinds furniture which specifically made in Java island by producer and exporter of products makers especially in well known city such as settled in Jepara or Solo of Central Java, Jogja, Cirebon of West Java or Bojonegoro and Pasuruan at East Java. Great looks handicraft and Exotic collections from Indonesia Furniture presents all kinds of new collections as well as antique furniture reproductions. Numerous collection consists of interior furnishings such as bedroom furniture, bathroom, dining room furniture and also living room furniture as well as outdoor furnishing.

Indonesia Furniture Inspired by the designs of Javanese culture classically styled, in all of the Javanese regions. An exclusive range of collection presents a genuine materials from Java forestry, classic in style and shape carry the ever-stylish classic and contemporary style features a striking rough sawn finish examines the elegance of furniture industry tradition from Java, a timeless choice for many kinds of stylish design options. All provided in the designs of mass products or based on custom made requirements that has been manufacturing carefully with professional handling.